Need a forklift, but the budget isn't right for a new forklift purchase? Finance it at your local Cromer facility. Reasonable rates and product on-hand.

Finance Your Next Forklift at Cromer. No Extra Stops Needed.

Looking to finance the next forklift purchase? Come to Cromer Material Handling. Not only do we have all the major brands, but we provide on-site financing.

The terms you can expect at Cromer:

  • Normal type financing is a Fair Market value or $1.00 option type lease on new equipment.
  • You can get financing up to 84 month term.
  • If you're rated as a credit-worthy company, you'll either have no advance payment or only one.
  • 5 year financing (up to 5 years) on used equipment which is up to 5 years old.
  • Fair Market and Full Maintenance leases are based on your application and hourly usage.

Most business accounts are finalized through our Oakland headquarters.​

Use the credit application form (linked below) to get the process started!

Credit Application - Cromer Material Handling (PDF)

Don't forget to call us at 800-974-5438 if you have questions.

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