Industrial Vehicles/Personnel/Burden Carriers

Need to move more than just pallets through your warehouse/yard? Cromer Material Handling carries Motrec brand Personnel and Burden Carriers. Motrec Personnel and Burden carriers have top-of-the-line features, so you can transport personnel and cargo efficiently and safely.
Since 1990 Motrec has been an industry leader in the Personnel and Industrial vehicle market. We specialize in 2 and 4 passenger flat bed 36 and 48 volt Burden carriers.
Motrec creates and manufactures industrial vehicles renowned for their superior quality, performance and reliability. The can produce an industrial vehicle for most any application.
This E-480 can carry eight people on four 44" wide seat rows. Capacity reaches 16 people with a tram trailer.
Factories can organize comfortable in-plant tours. An optional switch reduces the speed when the tour begins and lets visitors appreciate their host’s dedication to delivering the very best. Resorts can move large groups of guests quickly.
The E-12's compact design allows it to fit in tight corners all around your busy warehouse. It features durable steel construction and a loading platform for a range of applications. Travel speeds of 7mph.
The E-266 features dual front tires and a 60 inch long deck to ensure the stability required to handle your loads safely. A 36 volt battery provides 50% more running time to last a full shift and prevent battery damage caused by running batteries too low.
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